[Act-dev] Hackathon ideas?

Сергей Романов complefor at rambler.ru
Tue Nov 25 01:03:11 CET 2014

Hello, fellow Act devs!

My name is Sergey and I am one of the organizers for 6th annual St. Petersburg
(Russia) Perl workshop "Saint Perl".

This year we decided to have a hackathon along with a talks session and among
other themes we came up with an idea to have some Act hacking.

So my question is whether there is any list of current TODOs/FIXMEs for the
project or even an entry point of some kind for an aspiring contributor?

I'm thinking of some kind of Christmas wishlist to accompany GitHub's issues.
Please let me know, if we can be of any help.

Workshops website is http://event.yapcrussia.org/saintperl6/.

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