Marc Egea i Sala marc.egea.sala at
Sun Sep 14 19:07:47 CEST 2014

Hi All,

As you may already know, we are going to do a Workshop in Barcelona next 
Novembert 8th (

We are using Act to manage the conference and we edited a lot of 
templates. Finally, I decided to pack all this stuff and I created a 
repo with neutral, not-branded Act templates based on Bootstrap. The 
work is not finished ( I think it's about 50% ) but almost all templates 
visible for non-admins in a new conference are done.

This is not intended to be a final ACT theme. It's ratter an attempt to 
provide a nicer default to customize. This is basically an upgrade of 
the default ACT templates that also looks good on mobile. The repo is in 
github (

I hope this will help someone. I think it's a good base layout that can 
be easily customized to provide a unique style for each conference. This 
is basically what we are doing on Barcelona Workshop's webpage.

All help or feedback on this is very wellcome. It's the first time I put 
my hands on Act and I'm sure I'm breaking (or going to) lots of thinks.

If you do not have done already, I encourage you to look at Alex's Act 
Vagrant Box ( wich will make your 
life so much easier to try Act.

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