Act Hackathon in Lyon

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) philippe.bruhat at
Fri Sep 19 10:43:03 CEST 2014


So the date is now official: the Act Hackathon in Lyon (aka patch -p2)
will be held from Thursday November 27 to Sunday November 30, 2014 in
the offices in Lyon.

The top three committers in the Act repository should attend: Éric
Cholet, myself, and Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni. So everyone attending
should have plenty of brains to pick.

We're also working on some sponsorship to cover the travel and
accommodation of Act hackers coming to the hackathon. Web site and
details coming soon.

 Philippe Bruhat (BooK)

 Out of the worst can often come the best.
                                    (Moral from Groo The Wanderer #57 (Epic))

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