[Act-dev] Act-Voyager: Conference Table

Th. J. van Hoesel th.j.v.hoesel at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 21:29:17 CET 2015

Hey guys, especially Sébastian and or Philipe...

I'm about to extend the database with a new table, one for the Conference instances itself. Using DBIx::Class schema without a table for conferences is quite silly, one would always need to write some search statement in the DBIx::Class methods. Having a table with the conferences, with at least a column for the $conf_id is the sensible thing to do... one finally can start building relations between conferences and their attendees or the talks etc.

There is some Act::Config that produces some nice hash, from all the .INI files in use by the system.... for now, I would love to se it that those settings would end up neatly in the database table.

For those who would like to comment, https://github.com/Act-Voyager/Act/blob/DBIxClass-conference_table/lib/Act/Schema/Result/CommunityEvent.pm <https://github.com/Act-Voyager/Act/blob/DBIxClass-conference_table/lib/Act/Schema/Result/CommunityEvent.pm> is the basic setup for that table.

Sébastian, or Philipe... could you please provide me with a bunch (150 or so) existing .INI files so I have some stuff to play around with and set up a nice table structure.
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