[Act-dev] a few ideas for legacy Act

Alex Muntada alexm at alexm.org
Fri Nov 13 21:56:17 CET 2015

Alex Muntada:

> While there's people already taking care of future Act, I'm also
> worried by legacy Act, both old, recent and current instances.
> I just read in patch -p3 that we inscreased the bus factor to 2
> people, which is great. I'm offering my help if you need it too.
> That being addressed, my next worry is having a backup or slave
> server. I think that this was also discussed in -p3 but I don't
> know the details. I can offer a VM in my department premises in
> www.ac.upc.edu for free.

I read on IRC that dcbpw2016 will be hosted on eventbrite and
that they changed all dcbpw.org DNS records so their old Act
instances don't work anymore. It seems that Act server was down
for both days of the workshop, so they decided to get rid of
Act altogether.

Though I understand their decision, this is really sad and now
I'm wondering if there's any interest in keeping legacy Act

I'm willing to take care of this, but I need some help (I have
restricted access to the server and no access to the database).
If you are interested in working together to keep legacy Act
alive, please let me know.


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