[Act-dev] a few ideas for legacy Act

Alex Muntada alexm at alexm.org
Sat Nov 14 12:05:15 CET 2015

Philippe Bruhat (BooK):

> > Though I understand their decision, this is really sad and now
> > I'm wondering if there's any interest in keeping legacy Act
> > alive.
> What do you mean by "keeping legacy Act alive"? Old conference
> exist as long as they're configured in the server/database.

I heard some people saying that they don't care if the old
instances cease to exist, specially if they they slow down
progress in future Act.

> For the old dcbpw conferences, the trick would simply be to change
> the main URL in the web site, e.g. to use act.yapc.eu or another.

Removing current redirections to dcbpw.org should be enough
to have those instances working again under act.yapc.eu.

> I'm interested in keeping Act alive,

That's excellent news. So far it seemed to me that nobody was
interested in the old Act. Thus, tell me how can I help you
better and I will adjust. For instance, what would be the first
thing that you would like to see improved in current Act setup?

> Theo is working on improving the existing code, I was
> interested in writing my own better version of Act

AFAICR from Theo's lightning talk in Granada, he's going to
build a new Act from scratch using a REST API instead of
improving existing code. Theo, please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm in for improving the existing code, even if it only will
be used for old instances.


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