[Act-dev] Act Status

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel at seyman.fr
Mon Dec 10 00:38:21 CET 2018

Hi, folks.

There's been some activity on the Act frontline and I thought the people
on the mailing lists would want to know about them so here goes...

We've merged two pull-requests on Github, something which we hadn't done
for quite a while. One of these pull-requests was from a first-time
contributor to Act. Thanks to these, some tests now run on the 'psgi'
branch and the search for PM groups is now case-insensitive, which is
a very good thing.

On the short-term scale, we'll be taking a close look on all the pending
pull-requests on Github, seeing if it makes sense to still merge them.
I'll also be looking at enabling Travis CI on Act so that we can feel
safer when accepting pull-requests.


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