Are there still several Act installations?

Philippe Bruhat (BooK) philippe.bruhat at
Wed Apr 3 10:27:14 CEST 2013

On Wed, Apr 03, 2013 at 08:47:59AM +0300, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> >
> >> Could someone propose this as a project for TPF grant?
> >
> > Maybe, but a more useful grant would be to develop the next generation
> > Act, using BooK's plan for example. This would ease administration and
> > would permit the deployment of more Act instances, while keeping them
> > synced, so they can be close to the users.
> >
> > YAPC::Asia (Tokyo) no longer uses Act because of the latencies between
> > Japan and Europe. Daisuke Maki said they would like to use Act again,
> > but the network latency is a major blocking factor.
> >
> After I asked here I also posted a comment on
> regarding Act and regarding project proposals. Is BooK's plan
> available somewhere? Could you post a link to it on the
> call for grants so people could consider doing it or at least part of it?

Torsten sent a grant request by email for working on YACT yesterday.
I don't want my vague ideas for a better Act to interfere with his
grant. He wants Act to evolve into something better, while I have a
full rewrite in mind (with an import step at a later stage). I'll try
to write my ideas down and discuss with Torsten during the Perl QA
Hackathon, though.

I found the script I used to import sofia2009 data into the main Act
instance, and it's a relatively easy thing to do. (I also imported
ye2003 data into the main instance, Once I have a dump of the data,
the only thing needed is to find users that exists in both databases
and map one id to the other. The rest is handled by the script.

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