Creation of a conference website

mp mp at
Thu Dec 26 20:31:54 CET 2013

Dear Sebastian,

this link does not work - says i dont 
have the access there.

When I tried to go - it says the website 
doesn exist.


>> Hi Sebastien,
> Hello Nicholas,
>> I have the information that you have requested. See informaiton below:
>> Name = Czech Perl Workshop
>> Location = Prague
>> Dates: 20th - 21st May 2014
>> Fees = 500 normal, 250 students & 1000 company
>> Is it possible to have the web address as 
> I created the test site, available here: 
> Note that this is the test site, only for you to hack on it privately.
> Once you're satisfied with it, I'll create the production site at its
> final address.
> To work on the test site, you can log on the server
>, with the SSH account czpw. The files are in
> ~/czpw2014-test/
>> Finally Martina will be the first one to work on the page, so she
>> shall get a SSH for her computer. Is it possible to add another SSH
>> key for another computer later, as I will probably be involved in the
>> New Year?
> I added her key to the account, so she should be able to connect right 
> away.
> The account has access to the .ssh/authorized_keys file so you can add
> more keys by yourself.
> I guess none of you ever worked with an Act conference before, so
> you'll want to read the organizers documentation, especially the
> Layout and Template pages:
>  »
> Mostly, each HTML page (located in actdocs/static/) is made of TT2
> templates parts (located in actdocs/templates/). The static resources
> (CSS, JS, images, etc) are in wwwdocs/
> The test site is based on a blank template. Several people have made
> their sites with modern web things like Bootstrap, but none has
> committed it back to the base template. Some are on this list so they
> might be able to help you.

Ing. Martina Pestova
Marketing & Sales Associate

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