Fwd: Need access to ACT test server

Aaron Phillips aaron at cpanel.net
Fri Jan 25 00:40:25 CET 2013


Can we provide access to Todd?

Aaron Phillips
Vice President of Operation
713-529-0800 ext 4081 
cPanel, Inc.

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> From: Todd Rinaldo <toddr at cpanel.net>
> Date: January 24, 2013, 5:18:47 PM CST
> To: Aaron Phillips <aaron at cpanel.net>
> Subject: Need access to ACT test server
> Aaron,
> I need access to the yapcna2013 test code. The easiest thing would be to add this text on a new line in  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on test.mongueurs.net
> ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDTZxArSyRM3aNv95y39e9qwqldKlsHwE7grKjGlTaLgjp1aBw2snQ4F5f3ARewTGPe2/XmEitCEUgac/vy4gfI3QfojvfutHlI35rOVdi4pEhQiy8B4pQHU4SIrzNqwA3aCGkUOFkU7QlNw/YcCzsZTOrfeCnczvfr4UIQIiocvACNVKu3wsOZ2/n7/EGvN9yzxuePwzoNmeG0wRZX27rmzDX68sJOr2E6CUsmRV6r1Af+S1JbyJZiTC+On+lnPpivS5e2LOq2z/ZOAgWrof+WVYqeDd30Gue03RpfjrRlZ+rDMCwXF9uSuPyYjYoU9K4UYWCQuhWNggLHyyw8xC4v toddr at toddr.local
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