Slow busy server

Tina Müller cpan2 at
Thu Mar 7 22:10:22 CET 2013

On Thu, 7 Mar 2013, Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni wrote:

> Andrew Shitov wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hello Andrew,
>> During the last few days I experience problems with slow loading of
>> the Act sites (mainly ye2013, of course, but others as well) and slow
>> ssh connection. I looked at the top output and it says "load
>> averages:
>> 18.60, 18.18, 18.80" and lists the number of postgres processes with
>> big CPU usage numbers.
>> Is it something to look at in sense of system administration?
> Indeed. Tinita pinged me on IRC about that as well.
> I took a look and tried different approaches, but I don't understand
> yet what is the origin of the problem.
> I first thought it was some crawlers, several were looking the wiki
> diffs, which are known to be a bit costly (and probably hide some
> deeper problems given they were a cause for crashing the Plack port).
> So I completed the robots.txt to disallow this URL. No Effect.
> Tinita suggested to completely disable the page when no logged in.
> I live-added the few lines of code to do that. No effect (at least
> I didn't break anything).

It seems that the whole wiki can not be accessed now if one isn't logged
in. I guess that was not intended?

I just send out a last reminder for the participants, and now the first
one asked why he can't see the wiki...

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