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Martina Peštová mp at
Tue Feb 18 09:21:11 CET 2014

Dear Sebastien,

could you please enable the online payment system for the Czech Perl 
Workshop website? Phillipe said he would send us the contract later.
We are people waiting for the payment after registration.

Thank you a lot.

Martina Pestova

Dne 2014-02-10 00:15, Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni napsal:
> Marian Marinov wrote:
>> Sorry for the late reply, I had a family emergency.
> No worry. Family is always a top priority.
>> I did not take into account that it was sofia20xx when I wrote the 
>> e-mail... so yes, I would like to keep it.
>> Also I would like to have pointing to the same 
>> DocumentRoot.
> I've created the site site, based on the 2010 edition:
> The files are in your home directory, in sofia2014-test/
> Tell me if you prefer to start with empty templates, or from another 
> site.

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