[Act] Introducing a new act user

Victor Manuel Rivas Santos vrivas at ujaen.es
Fri Jan 9 18:06:46 CET 2015

El 09/01/15 a las #4, Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni escribió:
> No need to excuse, Act is not really common software, and not that 
> easy to understand :) 
Thanks for answering, Sébastien. I do completely agree with you :)
> Welcome, but don't burn yourself on this :)
> You might want to read the Act documentation, which, although a bit 
> terse, gives some useful information:
> » http://act.mongueurs.net/doc/Manual.html
> More precisely the part targeted to oragnizers, in your case the docs 
> about the layout and how the templates work:
> » http://act.mongueurs.net/doc/Manual/Organizer.html 
OK. That manual is currently my main source of information, apart from 
all of you.
Well, I'll keep "fighting" against that code :)
Thanks again,

Dr. Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos
W : http://vrivas.es
TT: @vrsantos
T : (+34) 953212344
F : (+34) 953212472

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