[Act] Making ye2015 the main page of act.yapc.eu

Victor Manuel Rivas Santos vrivas at ujaen.es
Fri Jan 23 19:06:47 CET 2015

Thanks a lot, Sébastien.

Now, prices for the conference have been updated, and both registration 
and payment are open.

El 23/01/15 a las #4, Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni escribió:
> vrivas at ujaen.es wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
> Hello,
>> After having been bravely fighting against configuration files, admin
>> rights, github pushes, commits, etc... we can proudly announce that
>> ye2015's web is 95% ready... well, 91% should be more exact... (ok,
>> ok, maybe just 89%...)
>> In any case, please, could the person in charge of these things make
>> http://act.yapc.eu/ to point to http://act.yapc.eu/ye2015 (currently,
>> it points to ye2014).
> Done.
> Note that there are redirections from yapc.eu as well, which allow you
> to use shorter URLs, for example:
>    http://yapc.eu/2015/wiki => http://act.yapc.eu/ye2015/wiki

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