[Act] photo bug...

Detlev Hauschildt detlev at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 18 19:11:55 CEST 2017

Hello ACT team,

I have three ACT issues which it would be nice to get resolved. I'll put 
them in separate posts, so you can deal with them separately.

The first is about the user photo. If you try to upload a pic on any 
conference website (for example 
http://act.perlconference.org/tpc-2017-amsterdam/photo), it will always 
come back with the message:

"Image couldn't be read. Please upload your picture in one of the 
following formats:jpeg, png"

Even if the picture is .jpg or .png.

I investigated it on a local installation I have, and there the problem 
was caused by the fact that the two modules Imager::File::PNG and 
Imager::File::JPEG weren't installed. After installing them it worked as 
expected. If they are not installed, $img->read(fh => $fh) on line 23 of 
Act::Handler::User::Photo comes back false. (No idea whether it's the 
same problem on the central server, but it just might be...)

Btw, on my machine the modules would only install after: apt-get install 
libpng libjpeg-dev

Thanks for looking into it!


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