[Act] Double-registrations and non-existing users?

Vorstand Frankfurt Perlmongers vorstand at frankfurt.pm
Thu Jun 15 21:04:41 CEST 2017

Hello all,

on our Act instance, I see People that are double-registered:


For example "Durrani Osman" (User 12111)

But I cannot click on that user to see details, as I then get a 404 
error for


The double-registration issue would be more important to me, as our 
calculations and invoices are somewhat based on that list. But the user 
information (or lack thereof) is also somewhat an issue for me if I want 
to mail the speakers...


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c/o Max Maischein
Röderbergweg 167
60385 Frankfurt

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Renée Bäcker - Wieland Pusch - Max Maischein

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