[Act] The Perl/Raku Conference 2020 in Amsterdam wants to run Act

Harald Jörg haj at posteo.de
Thu Dec 19 14:11:34 CET 2019

Hi Act people,

on behalf of the organizers of next year's European Perl/Raku conference
in Amsterdam I took the role of initializing their presentation in Act.

Technically, this needs two components where I need help:

 - A repository (proposed name: tprc-2018-amsterdam) needs to be
   created on https://github.com/Act-Conferences/.  Committers
   are Samantha (samcv), Detlev (detlevh), Melinda (damnlie)
   and myself (HaraldJoerg).  It should be initialized with the content
   of tpc-2017-amsterdam, but I guess I can do that myself once I have
   commit rights.

 - The conference needs to be included into Act's configuration and
   update cron jobs.

Dear masters of GitHub and Act:  Could you please help me get it started?


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