[Act] Act repository for GPW 2024

L Boivin elbeho at boivin.eu
Thu Mar 2 22:36:30 CET 2023

Hallo Renée,

Repository: https://github.com/Act-Conferences/gpw2024.git
     master    ---> test
     production --> prod
Test web site: http://test.mongueurs.net/gpw2024/
Web site: http://act.yapc.eu/gpw2024/
Unfortunately, there is an problem with the domain act.yapc.eu
I don't who's handling it (tinita seems to be aware of)
The "prod" site is therefore unavialble so far.

I used GPW2024 to initiate the repo, I change a couple of 2023 -> 2024
only in act.ini

Kind Regards

Le 26/02/2023 à 19:17, Renée Bäcker a écrit :
> Hi Act! admins,
> can you create the repository for the German Perl and Raku Workshop 2024
> (gpw2024)? You can clone the gpw2023 repo.
> Thanks!
> Kind regards
> Renée

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