ACT for YAPC::NA 2013

Michele Beltrame mb at
Fri Dec 21 10:30:10 CET 2012

Hello Aaron!

> I am not 100% sure - do people normally ask for a production
 > environment and move everything over or do they convert the
 > testing environment into production?
> Or is the testing enviorment just for testing and when we
 > are ready to go live, we setup Act on a server and move it over.

The first step is, in any case, to create the site on the test 
environment (like you did) and then copy it over on the production 
environment, and go live.

After the production site is online, it seems that people use the 
testing environment in different ways.
What I understand is the correct way is to push any new change to the 
testing environment, see if it works and then copy it in production. 
Since this is also the most boring way, many (including us at Italian 
Perl Workshop) push most changes directly in production, and use testing 
only to try out important modifications which can screw the site.

Hope this helps.


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