Help with YAPC NA 2013 site

raiph mellor raiph.mellor at
Fri Dec 21 18:36:55 CET 2012


I've recently been made team leader for the YAPC NA 2013 website.

I am trying to get us to a launch asap, hopefully before
Christmas, and am seeking help to get that done.

The site is at

Thank you for your Act software and thank you (if this is
the right place to send thanks) for hosting this test site
(and soon, hopefully, live site) at

I've been unable so far to find via googling who I might
contact about sites on So I'm hoping that
either this list is an appropriate contact point or that at
least someone on this list will know what I should do.

In case this is a good place for questions:

1. I'd like as full server privs as you are willing to provide.
    I believe Aaron Phillips has already requested SFTP
    access for me. (I have provided a public SSH key,
    and have repeated it at the end of this email.)


2. I'd like as full Administration rights as you are willing to
    provide within the above instance of the Act software.
    I imagine Aaron could do this and I am trying to get
    this resolved through him but I thought I'd ask while
    I'm here in case I've missed him this side of Christmas.

3. A web designer has said that changing the menu is past
    his skill set. I imagine it's going to be easy for me once
    I can get in to the files and follow the docs, but in case
    I need help, am I right in thinking #act on is
    the best place to turn to? How responsive is this list in
    the run up to Christmas and at weekends?

4. I couldn't find logs of this mailing list or the IRC channel. is a 404.
    Any pointers?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


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