Help with YAPC NA 2013 site

raiph mellor raiph.mellor at
Fri Dec 21 18:42:34 CET 2012

>     access for me. (I have provided a public SSH key,
>     and have repeated it at the end of this email.)

Forgot to paste it:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDeG0MN2YcyjG0BID77ibx2+lqL7US3mW8wp0V4uf/qOS1dkyBv3edk+pjgaQQkqov0aYngfS8RUAngdrWq4HNCkigiSUoS5Tr4DirbHdxQhtCqKdhneKe8lqx6lEz+o3uSXyGAVsDJ9QDIzt1ozHmPw/Z8cTl7+bwfea80y9R54y5fFW0rgGc5FRM+OqW6KwHlIRC6mhU6MnkwNSj9jMxEn5NVeE/7xCQEqiKXhCzWCpMBY+4aYd3vJXM6/lpMCf+VDnjH0OH0U5Z+jwpcgCdW3gS5rD8KnDFt70cTJFbg7DyvBIXNmF4CWYmh/AFVUvJ4+/W+POIRrXqm3ZuPZc91
raiph.mellor at

This is a naive paste, using mouse selection in terminal
and middle click in gmail, which may not be adequate.
Please let me know if I need to figure out how to install
xclip or whatever. (My first attempt failed, but I want to
get this posted quickly and I'm hoping this is good enough.)


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