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Amalia amalia at cluj.pm
Wed Nov 4 15:48:12 CET 2015

Hi Sébastien,

No probs, I know the drill, had the gaming bug myself a while ago. ;) So thanks for the heads-up.
There's another request from my end now, as mesefm will only intermittently work on setting up the site for ye2016.
Please add to the ye2016 team on Github two other members: Alex (user: deluxaran) and Paul (user: paul.mercean)


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Alex Muntada wrote:

> Amalia:
> > We'd like to have the instance based on Act-responsive templates
> > + ye2015 changes :-)
> Oops, I know that I said that just a while ago on IRC but it's not 
> obvious what to do for Sebastien.

Apologies for answering only now. I have no excuse except that I am playing a certain game quite a lot since a few weeks  m(_ _)m

I've created the conference as requested, and added mesefm to the corresponding team on Git Hub:
  » https://github.com/Act-Conferences/ye2016
  » http://test.mongueurs.net/ye2016/

> What I meant was that copying Act-responsive templates would be the 
> best way to start since they are more responsive that the ones in 
> ye2015. So I'd start with those for ye2016:
> https://github.com/meis/act-responsive
> On the other hand, the ye2015 instance has some fixes that should be 
> on Act-responsive too. But that work isn't obvious either and maybe 
> it's easier if I help you with that: I'll find the commits that are 
> meaningful and cherry-pick them into Act-responsive.

This act-responsive repository is a good idea. Should we put it into the Act-Conferences organization to give it more visibility? At least, I should use these as new blank templates instead of the old ones.

Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni

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