[Act] Fwd: LPW2015 js seems broken

Marco Fontani fontani at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 14:41:32 CET 2015


I submitted a patch to the LPW2015 github, but the site still seems to
contain a bug I've not been able to find the source for in their
My guess is it's something to do with act "proper", and I can't find
such code in Github.

See details below.

Example of the problem:

- go to http://act.yapc.eu/lpw2015/talk/6474
- open Chrome Inspector
- see error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).prop is not a function
- click on file/line, which displays:

        $(":checkbox").each(function() {
            toggle_image(this, $(this).val(), $(this).prop("checked"));

It errors on the use of "prop".

The page loads jQuery version 1.3.2 which - AFAICT - doesn't yet have "prop".


Either jQuery should be upgraded to a more recent version which does
(scary change), or the use of "prop" should be changed to "attr",
which does something very similar to "prop" in jQuery 1.3.2 (and
suffers from problems which later versions have replaced with "prop"
for), but at least it'll make starring talks and such things possible.

example patch:

        $(":checkbox").each(function() {
-            toggle_image(this, $(this).val(), $(this).prop("checked"));
+            toggle_image(this, $(this).val(), $(this).attr("checked"));

Hope this can reach the right people, and the change implemented so
people attending the conference can again star talks!

Marco Fontani

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