[Act] Fwd: LPW2015 js seems broken

Alex Muntada alexm at alexm.org
Mon Nov 30 09:29:18 CET 2015

Marco Fontani:

> Either jQuery should be upgraded to a more recent version which does
> (scary change), or the use of "prop" should be changed to "attr",
> which does something very similar to "prop" in jQuery 1.3.2 (and
> suffers from problems which later versions have replaced with "prop"
> for), but at least it'll make starring talks and such things possible.

Instances running act-responsive templates use jquery 1.11.0,
e.g. barcelona2014, ye2015, barcelona2015. Just drop a copy of
jquery in wwwdocs/js and add this to actdocs/templates/ui:

<script src="[% make_uri_info('js', 'jquery-1.11.0.min.js') %]"></script>

Upgrading jquery would be nice too, but at least you can use
this workaround safely. I don't remember any issues with 1.11.0
on those instances.

Hope this helps,

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