[Act] Unifiying Act PSGI forks

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel at seyman.fr
Fri Nov 1 21:04:19 CET 2019

* Thomas Klausner [01/11/2019 20:49] :
> I don't think it's a good idea to target the psgi branch of Book/Act!

Laurent was insistant that we do this but I can't recall the reasons
why. I'll check with him if this is really the best branch availible
to us.

> I really want to resolve the two main forks (haj=act-testing, waterkip) 
> and set up a new, clean repo containing only the PSGI version in a 
> stable master branch, which can be run locally via docker.

That would be great. Once we have this, we can squash the psgi branch of
Book/Act with this code and the problem will be solved.


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