Instance request for granada workshop

Diego Kuperman diego at
Sat Apr 5 12:39:38 CEST 2014


we are planning a workshop for this year in Granada Spain and would like to have an ACT site under the name "granada2014". I don't know which domain name we'll use yet, but I want to start getting used to ACT and working on design.

If I understand correctly, I'll need access into the hosting machine. This is my public key and my username is diegok (as in pause):

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAotS/EC5ycOVKl2owUAdwY3WGBgsOBx8Q62iJAjOxcQQYQBK4cSwGIJO+0J9BKliPx3WkoR6V03JxHp5QnC8HVAJmItHXVjhWZW3aUCam+uZUsQxweP3Aro3+VCdFVy9BX4bQU5KF9nAQHkWoIlPvNyhrsBLwHNLieRVwYyckzxxd49UxPCvB2at0B/0xVSA1itSPaSf12mw35A2hyOQiMj1GSDOhwyYyLoek6G5NbO9IyayVFnZnvkvXGKMi0fdcENGS+5CHjJN2F/6DmxhzTh72hP7mB8ba33A6V1zR/EuoGww7Lyu/YBJutvF51XssT/qYM4GkNGA1snwBv3PlxQ== diegok at hiroko

kindly regards,

Diego Kuperman &

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