[Act] Dutch Perl Workshop NLPW::2018

L Boivin elbeho at boivin.eu
Tue Feb 13 23:01:30 CET 2018

Hi Theo,

No, it's not "Devops"

are online
You're (Act) admin

I fixed one or 2 minor things in your act.ini.
I let you check the commits.


Le 11/02/2018 à 22:56, Theo van Hoesel a écrit :
> Dear admins,
> preparations for the Dutch Perl Workshop are in progress and one of the 
> thinks that would be great is that people could use Act as the backend 
> of the websites.
> Would you please be so kind to activate ‘nlpw2018’ on the Act servers ?
> Out of curiosity, I wondered what would happen if I would simply create 
> the nlpw2018 repo at https://github.com/Act-Conferences. Would it 
> automagically create an instance on Act… ?
> It does not, and I think that is the correct behaviour too.
> Although it would be very convenient to have it activated. And maybe we 
> should allow it to happen and have it limited to the contributors on 
> Github… ?
> Oh … Act out-of-the-Box is running experimentally, and developing on a 
> local virtual machine works again.
> Admin user for nlpw2018: 9566; vanHoesel … that is me :-)
> Thank you very much guys for keeping it all up and running!
> Theo
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