[Act] Unifiying Act PSGI forks

Harald Jörg haj at posteo.de
Fri Nov 1 19:07:23 CET 2019

Hi Thomas,

you write:

> (cc'ing Wesley Schwengle and Harald Jörg because I'm not sure if they 
> are on the Act mailing list)

I am on that list.  I should be, shouldn't I?

> Today I finally took a look at the various Act branches floating around, 
> with the goal to merge them into one Act to rule them all.
> I failed, like so many people before me.
> But I think I made a bit progress, and things are a bit clearer to me 
> now. So let me share:
> I created a new default branch 'master' for act-testing/Act (because I 
> see no point in having weird branch names instead of master)


I started my work so far under a different branch at a time when it was
not at all clear whether and how branches would be merged - after all,
it has more resemblance to the psgi branch of BooK's than to the master
branch over there.  I don't mind getting rid of the evolution branch.

> I merged BooK/Act into act-testing/Act, which was rather easy. AFAIK 
> BooK/Act is the version powering act.yapc.eu (but still running on 
> mod_perl)

AFAICS there's the "stable" branch which powers the server, master is
the development branch.

> [...]

> It seems (to me) that commits to waterkip/Act after Sat Apr 6 12:42:58 2019 +0200
> have not been merged.

That's correct.  I completely missed that Wesley was still working on
his branch after submitting his PR, but fixed some issues I discovered
independently in act-testing/Act.  A merge needs care.

> I really think we need to deploy the PSGI version ASAP, either to on of 
> the French Perl Mongers servers, or to a new one (if the French Perl 
> Mongers don't want to run the PSGI version). Having a stable and modern 
> version of Act is IMO more important than access to the old database 
> (and thus old user info).

Well, testing activity on the demo server
(https://act-test.plix.at/demo) is non-existing, so it would be brave to
call it stable.
But at least we've modernized _one_ of the pain points.

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