[Act] Unifiying Act PSGI forks

Emmanuel Seyman emmanuel at seyman.fr
Fri Nov 1 20:00:10 CET 2019

* Thomas Klausner [01/11/2019 17:53] :
>                                                                AFAIK 
> BooK/Act is the version powering act.yapc.eu (but still running on 
> mod_perl)

Indeed. Specifically, we're running the stable branch in production
while the master branch is for development.

> I really think we need to deploy the PSGI version ASAP, either to on of 
> the French Perl Mongers servers, or to a new one (if the French Perl 
> Mongers don't want to run the PSGI version). Having a stable and modern 
> version of Act is IMO more important than access to the old database 
> (and thus old user info).

We're in the process of deploying a Centos 8 vm on which we'll be running
the psgi branch of Book/Act. We'll then be able to offer a choice to conference
organisers which branch they went their conference to be run under.


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